Mission Statement

The Republic of ACIREMA is an ethically capitalist egalitarian intentional community, in return for contributing to the community in a meaningful way and living by the ACIREMA Constitution, every citizen of ACIREMA is provided a standard of living that is sufficiently adequate for maintaining physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being while providing the resources necessary (financial, physical, educational, medical, and ) for individuals to pursue ideas that can lead them to make their own goods or services to bring in personal capital. We believe in living in accordance to nature and making our short years in this realm of existence as positive for the overall good as possible.

Every citizen of ACIREMA has a right to a home, food, education, training, and resources. This comes with the requirement that they adhere to the expectations and rules of the community. As a citizen you are expected to contribute to the overall health of the community in one aspect or another. This does not mean that if you cannot do "traditional" labor you cannot contribute to the community, for anyone who is unable to contribute to the community in a traditional way, a role will be found for them by working with them and adjusting to their needs. As a citizen you are also expected to maintain proficiency (if you are physically capable) in shooting firearms, growing food, building things the community needs, helping and doing anything else needed to serve the community.

At ACIREMA we believe that being able to feed yourself healthy and nutritious food is a human right and should be guaranteed by the the local authority, as such, as a member of ACIREMA you are entitled to a guaranteed staple diet in order to ensure the necessary resources needed to maintain your physical health are provided. To maintain with living in accordance to due as little harm to our earth as possible, the staple diet will be a vegetarian/pescatarian type diet. This is because of the resources needed to raise fish for consumption and grow vegetables are significantly lower than raising animals for slaughter and is far more scalable. It is your responsibility to work towards and maintain a healthy physique if you are physically capable, with that in mind, members are welcome to bring in any extra food they would like for their own personal use.

Any person wishing to be part of ACIREMA is also agreeing to be on a continuing path towards physical and mental well-being. If there are things you are working through, this simply means you just give it your maximum effort to do whatever it is you need to achieve physical and mental well-being whether it be physical exercise, dietary restriction, weekly check ins with a therapist, or some other form of helping yourself. We want all the members of our community to not only want change but, be willing and disciplined enough to make change happen. Mental evaluations are to be performed on every member of the community every 6 months; this is a recurring biannual evaluation that would be separate from any therapy sessions that you may be receiving to work towards other issues. The intent and purpose of this evaluation is to ensure that all members are in a healthy stable place. Failure to abide by these guidelines and failure to put forth meaningful change after a certain time period, will result in the person's membership to the community being revoked and the person removed from the community, pending the decision of the community council.

The Whole Over The One

The power of the wolf is in the pack and the power of the pack is in the wolf. A fundamental beleif here at ACIREMA is that the whole is always more important than the one, as such, you will live your life in accordance to what is best for the community as a whole and the over all good as opposed to solely living in accordance to what you feel is best for you. A strong community creates strong individualsand strong individuals, create strong communities. We are both the chicken and the egg in that regard, we must be both the strong individualsand the people creating strong communities. Western Philospohy has taken us away from a shared cause with our fellow bretheren of the world and as such we have turned into a society that is extremely selfish and unself aware to a frightening degree, understand that in ACIREMA we believe in individuality when it comes to things that solely affect you but when there are things that affect the group as a whole, the best interest of the community will always take precedent over your own individual needs.


One of the fundamental pillars of ACIREMA is Respect. Respect for ourselves, Respect for Mother Earth, Respect for Humanity, and Respect for Generations both future and past. We believe that when you truly respect these different aspects, you live a better, more peaceful, fulfilling life. Respect is the foundation that everything else we at ACIREMA believe in can be built on.


Purpose is what gets things done, we can have all the good intentions in the world but without having purpose, you will never have the personal fuel needed to make things come to fruition. As such, here at ACIREMA we believe that it is a right to be given the opportunity to not only find your purpose in life but also give you the resources needed to help integrate that purpose into benefiting the greater good.


Regardless of where lady luck happened to have placed you when you were first born, you should have the same opportunities available to you to make something of yourself. Here at ACIREMA we beleive in making that possible by providing the resources needed to those who are less fortunate. This includes a variety of things such as education, housing, and nourishment.